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Ewing Enterprise eMead™ – Ranked as the #1 Video Search Engine Optimization – Video SEO Technology in the World

Video search engine optimization is also known as video seo and Google Trends® indicate that video seo is becoming increasingly important in search and is an integral part of any search marketing strategy. Ewing Enterprise SEO is the only top ranked SEO firm with a full in house video production team headed up by a social media optimization expert with a B.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis. Our proprietary eMead™ video SEO technology is proven to deliver powerful results. Having pioneered the field, we are experts in video search engine optimization and are able to harness the power of video through advanced social media optimization techniques. Incorporation of our eMead™ technology into your search engine optimization strategy gives you a powerful edge over your competition.

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What is eMead™ video SEO technology?

The Ewing Enterprise eMead™ video optimization technology is ranked as the #1 video SEO technology in the world by eMead™ is a complete video search engine optimization solution, from start to finish. While eMead™ includes (but is not limited to) all of the following, it is not an out of the box solution and each video SEO campaign is customized with a strategy specific to the client and target industry:

  • scripting, casting and talent
  • procurement of location
  • filming, production, lighting, professional editing
  • HD video available upon request
  • special effects and audio effects
  • video compression and export into web friendly formats
  • embedding of video meta information
  • video syndication and provision of “embed video” code for use on third party websites
  • clickable links inside of videos are available, including purchase product links
  • video interactivity (multiple endings based on user selections, quizzes, etcetera)
  • video social media optimization and promotion
  • creation of social media profiles for video distribution
  • creation of video library on your website
  • videos promoted via viral marketing networks
  • additional client and industry customized video SEO processes, technologies and strategies as deemed appropriate for each individual client project

eMead™ is not:

  • an “out of the box” solution (preconfigured SEO is simply not effective)
  • an automated process or software (automated SEO is simply not effective)
  • sold as a product (SEO is a service, not a product)

To get started on your eMead™ video search engine optimization project, please request a free video SEO consultation, or call us toll free at (972) 693-1709 if you wish to speak with a video SEO expert immediately. You may also wish to read our articles Video SEO 101 or The Growing Video Universe, the latter of which was commissioned by Visibility Magazine.

Why does video seo – video search engine optimization work?

Video SEO appears to work because it is extremely attractive as link bait. We have found that video search engine optimization is similar to more traditional SEO – it merely involves a different medium. Much of traditional SEO focuses on the creation of quality content which is designed to attract relevant, trusted links. Video is just another form of content – and a form which seems to be increasingly attractive to website owners, bloggers, social media users, and others who desire to link to your quality content. And, the more high quality, one way, inbound, relevant, trusted links you have pointing to your website, the better off you are.

If you are ready to begin obtaining high quality links through video content, please call (972) 693-1709 or fill out our online form for a free SEO consultation to begin your video SEO project.

Full service video editing, production, and social media optimization

We offer a full range of video services and can assist you in planning videos for Internet distribution. We can then professionally edit the video, adding titles, effects, and audio clips, and exporting the video into popular Internet formats.

It doesn’t stop at production, however. We are experts in video SEO. We will embed the proper meta content into each video, as well as distribute the video content on YouTube, MetaCafe, MySpaceTV, and similar sites. We will make sure the videos get bookmarked and seen, with the goal of creating a viral buzz about your video content.

Video content is a great way to benefit your actual site users as well. It makes your site appear more professional and legitimate. And, if you are adding new video content on a regular basis, it will keep your users coming back for more.

Embark on your video SEO project today.

Please call (972) 693-1709 or fill out our online form for a free SEO consultation to begin your video SEO project.