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It is not about link popularity – it is about trusted link popularity. There is a difference.

This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to getting top search engine rankings. Despite the rumors and myths to the contrary, “on page” code optimization is simply not enough. Off page work is absolutely necessary. This is why effective search engine optimization strategies take time and cannot be achieved with a one time “optimization” of meta tags or other code elements.

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Building text links to your site is absolutely necessary. Text link building means many different things to many different people. What it means to us is what works.

We will not waste your money or our time on useless strategies such as reciprocal linking, link farms, link exchanges, and the like. These services can easily be bought on the Internet. If this is what you are looking for, please go elsewhere. Google explicity states in their webmaster support guidelines that the only links that “count” toward PageRank are trusted links. Google goes on to say:

“Avoid SEOs that talk about the power of ‘free-for-all’ links, link popularity schemes, or submitting your site to thousands of search engines. These are typically useless exercises that don’t affect your ranking in the results of the major search engines — at least, not in a way you would likely consider to be positive.” –Google Webmaster Help Center

It is important to read this carefully. Especially the last phrase: not in a way you would likely consider to be positive. This is because link exchange and reciprocal linking schemes are wrought with peril. When you have no control over your outbound links, you run a serious risk of linking to what is known as a “bad neighborhood”, which can get your site in trouble. Additionally, the hundreds or thousands of inbound links that are promised to you are not from trusted sources and therefore these links do nothing for you.

An effective strategy for building text link popularity should only involve natural, one way, inbound links from trusted, relevant sources. This means:

  • Natural – Links that are not bought, sold, traded, or part of a link exchange scheme. Natural links are links that individual webmasters make from their sites to your unique, original, and fresh content.
  • One Way – Links to your site are inbound links only, they are not reciprocal links in which you trade links with other sites. This would include link swaps, link exchanges, and the like.
  • Trusted Source – Sites that Google trusts based on past behavior and the link popularity of that site and of sites pointing to that site. A site earns a reputation by being a responsible site providing useful content to Internet users.
  • Relevant – Links that come from sites related to your industry. Link popularity services that do nothing more than go out and get links from any site whatsoever will not get you relevant links. You want links from sites that are similar to yours in some way.

If we are not building your link popularity via link exchanges, link farms, or any of the other ways described above, what do we do? The secret is the creation of relevant, fresh content on a regular basis. Our copywriters create useful, informative and educational articles for you and syndicate that content out via a variety of methods such as blogging, article distribution, and RSS newsfeeds. Third party sites pick up and republish this content, then link back to you as the source of that content. As the content we produce for you is relevant to your site, only sites in related industries will republish this content. Therefore, you are getting the relevant, one way, trusted, natural links for which Google and the others are looking.