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Discover the Amazing Selling Power of
Carefully Crafted Copywriting

In the copywriting field one old saying is always laughed at … “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Why? Because advertising copywriters know the truth. Words have a huge influence on us all. They lift your spirits, make a bad situation better, motivate you to keep going, and – words used in copywriting – entice a customer to buy.

Words Are Astonishingly Powerful

Words are our primary source of communication. They trigger our emotions and are the defining factor in most of our decisions. Think about it… A friend carelessly says something that makes you feel embarrassed or insulted. Those loose words cause you not to speak to each other for a year. Or, the person you’ve been dating for the last six months looks adoringly into your eyes and – for the first time – says, “I love you!” Those words (whether spoken or written) make a huge difference in how we feel toward someone, and what actions we take.

Especially on the web, copywriting is the key to our buying decisions.

Copywriting Holds the Power to Intrigue Customers
or Send Them Packing

Where does the difference lie? Why is it that certain words used in advertising create a desire to buy and others fall flat? It all revolves around the emotional impact of copywriting on your specific target customer.

Which of these web copywriting samples is more compelling to you?

The copy on the right speaks to one person. It addresses the emotional side of being a parent, employee and general member of the Rat Race. The copy on the left talks about the company and simply lists features of the service. Copywriting that speaks directly to your customers – in their language and on their emotional level – is what converts.

Can You Create This Kind of Copy?

It doesn’t happen by accident. We’ll ask the right questions to draw out information from you about your customers. From there, copy is crafted that makes you the obvious choice for your site visitors and answers their most pressing question, “What’s in if for me?”

We don’t develop copy about your company.
We help you build sites for your customers.

Whether you want copy writing for you or need help with doing it yourself, you’ll find a variety of copywriting services and training options.

Copywriting Services – Know what you want to say but aren’t quite sure how to phrase it? Completely lost as far as copywriting goes? Contact us and we’ll do offline and web copywriting for you!

Search Engine (SEO) Copywriting – Want to impress the search engines AND your site visitors? Search engine (SEO) copywriting does the trick.

PPC Copywriting – If you can’t get people to click your PPC ads, nothing else will matter. It all boils down to 95 little characters.

Catalog & Ecommerce Copywriting – Inspire more visitors to click those “buy” buttons and increase your catalog sales with persuasive catalog & ecommerce copywriting for shopping sites and print catalogs.

Copywriting Training – Learn from SEO copywriting veteran, Isaac Ewing. Self-paced, tutor-assisted and onsite training options are available.

Copywriting Reviews – Written copy, but need professional feedback to make sure it’s the best it can be? We’ll point out weak spots and offer suggestions on how to fix them.