PPC Management

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PPC Management

Through the Google Adwords campaign, we help our clients to attract buyers, clients and hot leads from your desired cities / states / countries. Being that one of our partners is a Certified Google Adwords Professional, we are capable of managing your PPC campaign more efficiently, professionally and more economically then you can on your own.

While our clients are waiting for Natural SEO rankings we can manage their PPC campaign to bring them more targeted traffic and customers almost instantly even though it is more costly then Natural SEO, the result is almost immediate. We can manage your Google Adwords campaign for a very small percentage.

How does it work?

* Let us say that you are selling Wedding Dress, and you want prospective buyers from New York.
* Now anybody from New York, searching on Google for your product, Wedding Dress (or Wedding Gown, Wedding Garment, Garment for Weddings etc) will see your text ad (with a direct link to your site) along with other top ranked sites.
* The person, who is searching for Wedding Dress, is actively searching to buy your product. As soon as he clicks on your ad, he will reach your website directly and potentially become a sale.

Google Click Charges

Your ads are displayed on the Google network. Google does not charge you anything to just display your ad, however as soon as somebody clicks on your ad and reaches your site, Google charges you a fee for every click. Our main goal is to take the time consuming work of constantly watching your bid amount and monitoring your PPC listing placement off your hands, so that your time can be spent more wisely on other important business duties. In order to provide excellent service and maintain a long lasting trustworthy business relationship, we ask that you pay Google directly and pay us the maintenance percentage separately.

Please remember when you set up your monthly budget make sure that you know that you will get charged on the monthly budget that you set up. Even if your account does not reach your monthly budget our company will still get paid the set up fee for managing your account based on your projected monthly budget.