Pay Per Click ( PPC ) Campaign Management

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An improperly managed pay per click ( PPC ) campaign can be very costly. While PPC is not to be confused with organic search engine optimization, in many cases it is a part of an overall search engine marketing effort. We have Google Adwords Qualified personnel on staff who are armed with the experience and knowledge to make your pay per click campaign as effective as it can possibly be.
It is important to remember that pay per click campaigns are not always about placing the highest bid. What they are truly about is getting the most conversions for your budget. It is often more effective to place lower bids in order to maximize traffic to your site per each dollar spent.

There also may be other PPC avenues, which may be more effective for your organization, aside from the obvious ones. Remember, the goal of your business is not to be first in the paid inclusion listings. The true goal is to generate sales and maximize ROI. It is easy to become confused about business goals, and the natural temptation to “be on top” may be a strong one to overcome. However, we can help explain to you your various options, and help you understand what is best for your business.

We can perform a variety of PPC management services for you, including keyphrase research, bid placement and management, budget management, landing pages, and conversion tracking.