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I Need A Website MSN SEO

Our MSN SEO services are targeted not only at MSN, but Google and Yahoo.  However, to achieve optimal results in MSN requires certain conditons.  We have used our own collection of test web sites to achieve optimal Search Engine Optimization in MSN.

We also look at the topic of your web site or websites and help you determine which search engine you should optimize for with highest priority.  MSN has a certain demographic of users and thus certain websites can achieve great results by optimizing for MSN first and foremost.

As with all search engine optimization packages, we highly recommend you take advantage of our one way link service.  This service is a must no matter what your goals are.  With out a nice collection of links pointing to your site, you will not place well.

We also recommend you take advantage of our directory submission and article content creation service.  Both of these are explained in more detail under our seo services overview.

With our SEO Gurus MSN SEO Service we recommend the following:



Keyword Research to find the best keywords to target.
On-Page and On-Site MSN optimization for your best keywords.
Off Site (one way links) MSN optimization to target your best keywords.
Performance reports before, during, and after our MSN SEO Service.
Guaranteed inclusion of your optimized page.
Free Consultation during your entire experience with SEO Gurus.
Directory submission of your optimized page to MSN favored locations.
Press Release with guaranteed inclusion to provide content rich links back to you.
Ghost writer to create and provide rich article content.
Hand submission of your unique and custom articles to distribution centers.

MSN Optimization

MSN SEO( Search Engine Optimization) is different from the other search engines. MSN does not cover most of the search engine results which makes it a bit easier to rank for SEO techniques on MSN.

Web Search:
MSN’s Live Search results varies from other search engines because they use different algorithims to store and place their data. You’ll often find that rnaking for on key phrase or keyword almost always varies in the MSN search results.

MSN Optimization(SEO)

Keywords in the Domain Name:
Microsoft places a LOT of emphasis on domain matching. As you use their search you’ll find that the top results are usually domain names that match the keywords, even with bad link profiles and mediocre content. Having keywords in the domain name is one of the key factors to ranking well on MSN (especially for a direct match).

MSN Link Analysis:
Microsoft came late to the search engine game, and their link analysis algorithms are much more primitive than Google’s and Yahoo’s. Both Google and Yahoo have been in the search business since the 90s, giving them a good view of old, quality links to better sort search results.

Microsoft, on the other hand, came to search when the web was already heavily commercialized and full of spam, making quality link detection from scratch more challenging. To this day Microsoft is very weak at determining quality links, which is one the biggest reasons their search results suck.

Directory Links:
One can get good Live Search rankings by getting a big batch of cheap, anchor- rich directory links. The down side is that doing this can hurt your Google rankings, which are more important at the moment. In most cases you rank on Live Search first, then Yahoo and only then on Google, with Live being the easiest to rank for.

Quality of Links:
Microsoft does not see much difference between quality editorial links and pure page rank spam. Though their search has improved since 2004, it’s still one of their biggest challenges. Their search technology is comparable to Google’s from several years back, before “Florida” and the “Big Daddy” Updates.

On Site and On Page Factors:
Microsoft algorithms place much less value on domain authority than other search engines. Keywords in titles, H tags and content work really well. For example, you’ll do well with “city + keywords” in title.

You can get good rankings on Microsoft with basic SEO practices, like aligning your with keywords, plugging keywords into tags, doing SEO copy writing, directing internal page rank to your most important pages and getting a bunch of directory listings. You will notice that before appearing on Google and/or Yahoo you’ll appear on Live search for some terms. You can use a free rank checker to monitor your progress.
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