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enterprise web designContent that is focused on users in certain geographic locations is now more important than ever. The top search engines like Google and Bing have made it public that localization and proximity search is becoming the new IT. They have also said how much a greater role in their ranking algorithms location based content will be.

When you search using Google or Bing, the results are more and more based on your physical location. Even on searches where you don’t type in a location. “Pizza Restaurants” vs “Pizza restaurants Dallas”

Therefore, if you want your website to appear in search results in specific cities it is very important to create content and link connectivity that sends the correct signals to search engine robots. Telling them you are relevant for users in those geographies is the only clear way to get that information to the search engines. Here is what you can do to your own site.

Creating Content Relevant To Local Searches

The idea in localization content strategy is to identify what content parts are unique to each geographical area and highlight those on state level, city level and even the micro level by building.

Here are a few fantastic strategies for creating those types of pages.


  • Shipping rates
  • Sales tax differences
  • Warranty locations
  • Different uses for different climates
  • Any other information that is specific to audiences in different locations

The key is to provide true value to the end users by supplanting them with this information.  Doing this not only increases the likelihood you will show up in organic results for but will also increase you conversion rates.

Local Link Connectivity

Once you have useful content that relates to the locations you are targeting the next step is to create links. If your site is a city then links are the roads to that city. A number of potential types of sites that can be targeted within each location that will help engines understand what regions your site is about such as:

  • The local versions of Yahoo.
  • Local business directories.
  • Local bloggers’ business websites.
  • Informational sites about specific regions.

If you want to make the almighty Google crumble to your whims because your site is so locally targeted to Dallas, they need to see sites that are relevant to Dallas linking to you. Directories are and easy place to get started. These sites are perfect for helping your business target specific regions.

After you submit your site to these directories for your root domain, you’ll still need to pursue link opportunities on a per city basis.  These geo-centric pages must not appear spammy, and must show great value to users.

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