Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization Strategies

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The challenges presented by many ecommerce systems are not without solutions. Our expertise in ecommerce search engine optimization is a powerful asset to your organization. A number of strategies are available, depending on the nature of your business and your current system.

Common workarounds of issues of product page invisibility include:

  • switch of ecommerce system to search engine friendly system
  • modification of existing system (if possible) using mod rewrites to present static url’s absent of session id’s
  • installation of static html and google xml sitemaps

Common workarounds of issues of individual product page optimization include:

  • modification of existing system (if possible) to incorporate elements of individual page optimization into content management system, such as H1 tags, title tags, metadata, and image ALT attributes
  • deployment of static html product pages, each individually optimized for the content of that page

Common workarounds of issues of search engine visibility include:

  • sheer force of inbound, natural, anchor text links to unique content
  • social bookmarking
  • blogging, content syndication, and search engine copywriting