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Denver Internet Marketing

Denver Internet Marketing

Denver Internet marketing company that specializes in developing Internet marketing strategy for small businesses that are determined to be competitive on the Web.

Far too many businesses find out — only after their new sites have been online for months — that they haven’t got competitive business websites.

Businesses often notice two things — that they’re not gradually getting more and more referrals from the search engines, and that their websites aren’t turning enough visitors into customers.

With Allied Internet, you’ll get:

  • an Internet marketing strategy that’s just right for your business — we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all online marketing strategies.
  • the fundamental search engine optimization and search marketing that will make it easy for the search engines to understand your business and refer people to you.
  • an understanding of why social media strategy is essential for small businesses.
  • our best work: we’ll suggest — based on our fifteen years of experience with small business website strategy — what we would do if we were in your business. We recommend, you decide.

What is Internet Marketing?

Think about Internet marketing as having two components — search marketing and social media strategy. We believe that search marketing is a science and social media strategy is an art.

  • A principal goal of search marketing is to show the search engines that your website has better, more authoritative content than your competitors.
  • Social media strategy involves using a blog or (especially) Twitter to establish and nurture online relationships that will help potential customers get to know you and your business, strengthen your reputation, and drive traffic to your website that you may otherwise have to concede to your competitors. Certain types of businesses will also want a Facebook page.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is part of search marketing, but it is not a comprehensive term for marketing a website. SEO is just the beginning.

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