Challenges to Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

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The typical ecommerce system presents a number of challenges to search engines. The most ubiquitous challenge is the problem of individual product page invisibility. This can occur as the result of coding issues such as:

  • use of session id’s
  • dynamically served pages
  • dynamic url’s
  • javascript or other unreadable navigation schemes

If the individual product pages are invisible to search engines, valuable search engine content is lost and your web site may appear as nothing more than a one page (the home page) Internet presence.

Once the initial hurdle of invisibility is overcome, there are more problems. Most ecommerce systems rely on a back end content management system which provides little, if any, on page optimization. The CMS may offer the ability to modify some metadata in a rudimentary fashion, but typically the metadata is populated throughout the site, which violates a basic tenet of on page SEO – that each page should be individually optimized according to the content of that page.

Even if an ecommerce system does offer individualized product page optimization, it is usually primitive at best, allowing for customization of nothing more that title tags and metadata. However, a fully optimized page should incorporate H1 optimization, image ALT attributes, and keyphrase rich product descriptions.

We can help. Regardless of your situation or current deployment, solutions exist. We are experienced in ecommerce search engine optimization and can assist you in developing a strategy best suited for your situation.