6 Methods to Benefit from Google’s Site Speed Formula

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Strap up. Use these six confirmed SEO tips &  approaches to making your website faster.

1. Approve Gzip

Gzip is a open source compression formula that can used to consolidate your website’s content before your server sends the data to a visitor’s browser. Pages load quicker because it is easier on your servers. learn how to enable Gzip here.

2. Minify Javascript/CSS

Minify is the course of action (and software) for eliminating optional formatting characters from code. Your files become  smaller your visitors will jump with joy. You can learn all about this process here.

3. Use a CDN (Content Distribution Network)

CDNs are systems of interconnected server resources that spread content and assets around the globe to shorten the distance between server and prospective user. They are commonly used by the Web’s most popular websites. You can find a list of free CDNs hereNote: This is not a tip for beginners. Working with CDNs gets complicated very quickly.

4. Optimize Images

Take advantage of countless hours of work dedicated to the consolidation of  images and make users happier simply by storing images in a suitable format. As a very general rule of thumb, I recommend you save your images in JPEG and PNG graphics.

5. Use External Javascript/CSS

When a browser requests a website from a server it can only download a set number of files of the same type at any given point. While this isn’t true of all file types, it is a good enough reason to host applicable files on alternative subdomains. This is only recommended for sites where the pros of speed will outweigh the SEO cons of creating a new subdomain.

6. Avoid Using Excess Redirects

Even if redirects can be very useful, it is important to know that their implementation makes the servers request for information more difficult. Always avoid redirect strings (301 -> 301 -> 200, or even worse 301 -> 302 -> 200) and to use them sparingly.

Google’s Mission to Speed Up the Web

Fueled by the massive potential of the Internet, Googlers are working on many projects in their attempt to speed up the Web:

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